Scarlett JohanssonGets Email Hacked For Naked Pictures

Scarlett  Johansson Gets Email Hacked For Naked Pictures
By : Leonard Rubino

scarlett johansson gets email hacked

Scarlett johansson gets hacked for her private photos!

Chances are, you probably would have never known if you were. However if you were a known celebrity like Scarlett Johansson you would have made headlines, a Jacksonville Florida man hacked the e-mail account of Johansson who sent nude photos to her then husband Ryan Reynolds, who forward them to another hacker  and two celebrity websites who made them public.

He also took naked images of Christina Aguilera from her stylist’ e-mail account and Rene Olstead from her e-mail system.

The hacker admitted that he hacked into Johansson, Miley  and others by taking their e-mail addresses, clicking on the forget your password feature then resetting the passwords by correctly answering their security questions using  publicly available information he found by searching the Internet.

He was able to access all of their e-mail boxes he then went through their contact list to find e-mail addresses of potential new hacking targets


In two years the man hacked almost daily into e-mail accounts of 50 people in the entertainment industry. In other words we have some really weird people out there and the Internet is so wide open you could be next. As an individual consumer, it is your responsibility to protect your personal information in your computer.


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