How Often Do Anti-virus Definitions Update?

In the cyber security field speed is king.  It is a never-ending war between security companies and hackers. Its sorta like the battle between batman and joker, the ninja turtles and shedder or Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff. In the Lohan, Duff despite over Aaron Carter speed was never a question. Nevertheless it is survival of the fittest whoever is quicker to adapt wins.

So when the simple question of how often do anti-virus definitions update is a very simple answer. Not fast enough. The anti-virus definitions are the bread and butter of any anti-virus software this is what makes anti-virus software what it is. The definitions differentiates what your computers sees as regular programs and files from the malware that causes harm to your computer.

The simple fact is that computer hackers and computer experts are writing the virus codes faster then anti-virus companies can write the anti-virus to block them . Many times consumers that have the anti-virus installed on their computer. becomes infected with a new string of virus  person has to submit the new virus code to the anti-virus company before they are even aware of that new virus.

Being as current as you can with updated anti-virus codes from your anti-virus company, always running the anti-virus program at start-up is always the first line of defense to combating viruses. But that is not all you can do, There are also malware protection or firewalls that block the source of these threats before they are allowed to connect with your PC and update much more frequently than anti-virus can out with protecting  software, many times on a day by day basis. In my opinion your best choice is the combination of the two, you rely on the power of the anti-virus definitions with the speed of the firewall protection blocking the IP locations of the threats.

Bot Revolt is an great extra layer malware protection for your PC. The two-way firewall system  blocks communications inbound and outbound of known threats. Best of all Bot Revolt has the best lists in the industry combining lists from both government and private agencies. And Bot Revolt updates your threats list daily with over 3000 new threats. It’s security you can see.

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Written by: Sean Emmanuel

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