Ebook: 5 FREE Tools Developers Use to Secure Their Computers


We have put together 5 tools that are essential to secure your PC. These are tools that helps you keep your files protected, run your computer faster, clean up your hard drive and have more privacy.

This resource is useful for anyone who would like to make sure their PC is safe, clean and run faster.

As a bonus, all of the tools are free!

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(This is not a sponsored post. We actually use these tools!)

Confused with Internet Protection lingo? (What is a firewall? Explained.)

Internet protection and computer security are confusing to most people, not to mention frustrating when you think you are protected and it turns out you’re not. Understanding these keywords can help you value the basic functions of your computer security software and be safe.


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Bot Revolt Partners with STOP. THINK. CONNECT.


June 24, 2013 — Bot Revolt today announced that it has signed on as a partner of STOP. THINK. CONNECT., the global cybersecurity awareness campaign, to help all digital citizens stay safer and more secure online.

The campaign’s three easy, actionable steps: STOP. THINK. CONNECT. are easy to understand and apply.  STOP. THINK. CONNECT. also advises all Internet users to take security measures, understand the consequences of their behavior and actions and enjoy the benefits of the Internet. Here are some additional tips and advice:

  • Keep a Clean Machine: Keep all critical software—security software, Web browsers and operating systems—up to date.
  • Protect Your Personal Information: Secure your accounts by making passwords long, strong and unique.
  • Own Your Online Presence: Set security and privacy settings to your comfort level of sharing.
  • When in Doubt, Throw it Out: If an email, social network post or text message looks suspicious, even if you know the source, delete it.
  • Be a Good Online Citizen: Post only about others what you would have them post about you.

Bot Revolt is joining STOP. THINK. CONNECT.’s partner program to help promote messages about the importance of online safety.

Bot Revolt Blocks Department of Defense From Your Computer (proof inside)

The news has been covering big brother (NSA, DOD) as they harvest as much data as they can.  Recently we one of our users discovered  DoD network information center (Run by the department of defense) was being blocked by Bot Revolt. It appears as if the department of defense is port scanning their computer.

This screen shows the Department of Defense being blocked by Bot Revolt as they attempt to port scan this users pc:

DoD network information center blocked

department of defense port scanning a bot revolt user’s pc! (blocked with Bot Revolt)

We recommend you download Bot Revolt to further secure your privacy. Bot Revolt blocks over 1.1 billion ip’s, including the department of defense servers.

Keep in mind that the DoD and NSA have multiple ways of gathering your data, either directly or via 3rd parties, as well as hundreds of unknown servers. However your better with Bot Revolt protection then without it.

Miami International Bitcoin Conference

Miami International Bitcoin

Whether you were a seasoned bitcoiner or just curious about the buzz, the Miami International Bitcoin Foundation hosted the Putting the “Peer” back into P2P” conference at the Miami Entrepreneurship Center in downtown Miami. The MEC founded by Maurice Lopes is a non-profit organization aimed to help innovative start-ups in Miami where there is not enough investment. The center will be a hub for investors, seasoned businesses and entrepreneurs to work on creative projects.

The meeting hosted a variety of products, showcases and ideas all surrounding Bitcoin. Bot Revolt was there showcasing Bitcoin Bandits Projects www.botcoinbandits.org which they have integrated into Bot Revolt v1.4. The Bitcoin Bandits Project is a growing list of Botnets, Hackers, and Scams IP address aimed to keep bitcoin wallets safe. Since there is little regulation of the anonymous crypto-currency, Bitcoin Bandits and Bot Revolt is geared to add some oversight in the industry.

Bot Revolt and Bitcoin Bandits Project received a lot of attention from them members in the audience and the feedback was very encouraging. The project will be looking to intergrate with  CoinRegistrar.com and BBBitcoin.com to better secure Bitcoin safely to consumers.


If you would like to learn more about Miami Entrepreneurship Center or the Miami International Bitcoin Foundation  you can visit them online:

http://www.mec261.org                                               http://www.meetup.com/Miami-International-Bitcoin-Group/

Miami Entrepreneurship Center
261 NE 1st Street – 5th Floor, Miami, FL


Bank Accounts Are Not Safe From Cyber-Criminals


According to Action News,  a group of cyber-criminals hacked into the Downingtown School District’s bank account and stole $665,000 “Upon further investigation by these agencies, it was discovered that unbeknownst to anyone in the district three wire transfers had been sent to foreign bank accounts,” said Superintendent Dr. Mussoline of The Downingtown School District. Authorities won’t say how exactly they planned to locate all the money and return it to district accounts. But luckily they did. However, law enforcement officials did say this is a prime example of sophisticated cyber criminals at work, and it’s a good reminder to anyone with a bank account to keep close track of all activity”. Now imagine if a group of cyber-criminals can get away with a heinous crime. How much money they can steal from your personal bank account without even having to hold you up at gun point? Cyber criminals can do it electronically! All the authorities would do is  telling you is make sure to keep a close eye on your bank account and recognize any irregularities. But how would you know if you don’t have anything blocking the cyber criminal from entering your computer? Luckily for you there is a solution to this and its name is Bot Revolt.

For more info on this hacking incident click here

By: Dwayne Daley